A vacation rental booking platform

Created by hosts, for hosts.

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List unlimited properties for free

Whether you have one or many properties, you can list as many as you want for free.

No exclusivity required

Have listings on other sites? No problem. Reach new potential guests and create extra revenue streams with Got2Go.

Minimize your vacancies

We use proprietary technology and a conversion-optimized booking process to help you achieve more bookings.

Reasons you should join

We understand your needs as a host

We’ve been working with hosts just like you to better understand the real pain points you may face and key features you’re looking for in order to create a better host experience end-to-end.
Free sign up

It’s completely free to sign up as a host with us. It will only takes minutes.

Lower fees than others

Lower fees on average than other platforms. No surprises with extra fees.

Extra revenue streams

With less fees and a new audience you can reach, you increase your ability to earn more.

100% risk-free

There’s no risk when signing with us since it’s free to become a host, with no exclusivity required.

Easy-to-use dashboard

We’re building a dashboard experience keeping you, the hosts, in mind.

Dedicated support managers

We pride ourselves on customer support. We’re here to help you succeed.

List one property... or many

From vacation rentals in Florida to unique stays in Alaska, you’ll be able to list any property with ease anywhere across America.
Unique Stays

Who we are

We’re a passionate and fast-growing team based out of Florida who believe hosts make better travel experiences.
We all share one thing in common; frustration with the travel industry. We know how broken this industry has become for hosts, so we’re here to change the game forever.

“As a host myself, I know what many like you experience. We're excited to be closely working with other hosts to create a platform that you'll love.”

Founder of Got2Go

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Got2Go launch for hosts?

We will be releasing an official launch date in the next few weeks. For hosts who complete registration now will receive first access before we launch to the public.

Can we list our property on Got2Go even if my property listing is on other platforms?

You certainly can. There's no exclusivity when it comes to listing your property on Got2Go.

Are there any limitations on the number of properties you can list?

There's no limitations. You'll be able to list as many properties as you desire.