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Got2Go is a fast growing travel company focused on innovative, best in class experiences when booking vacation rentals, event tickets, hotels and travel industry products. Tying all this together is the GO+ membership program, cutting-edge technology, and fantastic prices.

Where it all began.

The founder of Got2Go, Rosario "Craig" Musumeci, is a passionate traveler and experienced vacation rental host.

Over the years he searched for the best distribution platform and model for his vacation rentals and also where he personally could rent them.

Craig was never satisfied with what he found. So, after 10 years of searching, he decided it was time to bring his vision to life and in 2020 launched Got2Go.

The mission of Got2Go is to revolutionize the short-term vacation rental, events and hotel industry by delivering unparalleled experiences to our community of GO+ members, travelers, adventure seekers and our partners in the vacation rental, event and hospitality industry.

“As a host myself, I know what many like you experience. We're excited to be closely working with other hosts to create a platform that you'll love.”
Craig Musumeci, Founder of Got2GoCraig Musumeci

Founder of Got2Go

What we’re all about.

At the very core of Got2Go is our team of avid travelers, who not only understand the excitement of exploring new destinations but also recognize the challenges faced by both hosts and vacationers in the market.

Our commitment to making travel and events more affordable and accessible is reflected in our unique approach of eliminating fees for booking vacation rentals, event tickets through our one-of-a-kind GO+ membership program offering industry-leading discounts to our valued customers.

Our focus extends beyond just affordability; we strive to provide a beautiful, user-friendly shopping experience, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service. The leading-edge technology platform Got2Go has built is driven by our in-house team of world-class developers, who have been involved in some of the largest and most innovative global technology projects.

Got2Go LeadershipMeet our team
  • Craig Musumeci, Founder of Got2GoCraig MusumeciFounder

    As a business builder and proud owner of numerous short term rental properties himself, in combination with decades of experience in the vacation industry.

    Craig has been vehemently driven for 20 years to build a special online marketplace through which people can search limitless options to affordably ‘go somewhere remarkable’.

    This is the passion that gave rise to the birth of Got2Go.

  • Jim Barsch, CEO of Got2GoJim BarschCEO

    Jim is a lifetime passionate traveler who brings over 30 years of leadership and experience in the travel & hospitality industry to Got2Go.

    His extensive experience ranges from travel technology, vacation rentals, vacation companies, scaling companies through hyper growth while providing excellent service to customers and partners.

    Fun Fact: Jim has traveled to over 60 countries and can’t wait to break 100!

  • Johnny Cheng, CPO of Got2GoJohnny ChengCPO

    A serial tech entrepreneur and product builder.

    Previously built several venture-backed tech companies and founded, scaled, and exited a startup with over 3 million users.

    Travel is universal. A fundamental human need shared by everyone. With Got2Go, Johnny sees the opportunity to create something truly special that has global limitless scale. A platform that can enable people to experience the world and live to the fullest – go where they want, with who they want, when they want.

  • Nick Pestov, CTO of Got2GoNick PestovCTO

    With a strong background in engineering leadership, Nick is passionate about bringing together and scaling highly productive engineering teams.

    When he's not driving Got2Go's technological vision forward, Nick loves to travel. He has already lived in three separate continents, and his travels have helped him gain a deeper appreciation for different cultures and ways of life.

    His love for travel has also inspired him to make it easier for people to explore the world by leveraging technology.

  • Stephanie Baker, CFO of Got2GoStephanie BakerCFO

    Stephanie is driven to ensure fiscal strategy at the highest level. With a diverse background of over 15 years in financial management, compliance, tax and accounting policy. She holds a CPA license in North Carolina.

    Her breadth of perspective tees her up to be a dynamic finance leader at Got2Go. Ready to take on accelerated growth. 

    Outside of crunching numbers, she enjoys a good tennis match. Or even better, watching her kids compete in their sports. As for travel, of course, Travel + Sports = FUN!